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I adapt to fit your dogs needs! Through my work with training therapy and service dogs, I have extensive experience working with dogs on their recall, socialization and training. All my dogs practice good social skills and impulse control. This means I tailor each dog's care to fit them. For example:

  • For well behaved dogs with good recall: If your dog has good recall and gets along with other dogs, one of the places I may take your dog is on an off leash hike in Hubbard Park in Montpelier.

  • For well behaved dogs without good recall: If your dog is well behaved, but needs to work on recall, I take them to a fenced dog park, and on-leash pack walks. 

  • For dogs that haven’t had much socialization: If your dog needs to learn how to behave around other dogs, I may take them on trips to the dog park to play in the solo-area, and we will work together on recall and getting used to other dogs.

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